I’m a philosopher, currently permanent faculty member of the
Department of Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method at the London School of Economics.

If you like, you can:

I have broad academic interests. But much of my work concerns where epistemology connects to questions about ethics, law, and politics.

My little book ‘The Philosophy of Legal Proof’ is out with Cambridge University Press. Here.

My current work is mostly in legal philosophy: big-picture questions about the function of legal systems, empirical questions broad and narrow (from legal anthropology on the nature of law to the latest jury research), evaluating various areas of first-order law (right now, issues relating to sexual capacity).

I’ve got other projects on the go relating to profiling and credence, theory of evidence, the free-market for academics, and crime & social stigma.

Feel free to get in touch!

[Art above by Peder Balke]