Feel free to email me for drafts of unpublished/forthcoming work — comments are welcome!

Develops the first theory of curiosity as an intellectual virtue, considering what this topic tells us about broader issues in virtue epistemology.

Provides a new perspective on expertise in philosophy, and argues that recent experimental data might provide good news for traditional methods.

Develops a novel framework for testing ‘reductionist’ views of understanding  & critiques the idea that understanding reduces to a body of knowledge.

  • Curiosity and Epistemic Norms. Revisions submitted.

Maps out different normative questions about curiosity, shows how these issues relate to more familiar epistemic norms, and considers what the function of curiosity is.

  • Rehabilitating Statistical Evidence. Under review.

Takes a detailed look at evidence law and argues, contrary to what has recently been suggested, that purely statistical evidence can be a respectable basis for legal verdicts.

  • How disciplines progress. Under review.

Develops a theory of collective inquiry and uses it to provide a perspective on progress in science and philosophy.

  • Trouble in Paradise. Under review.

Discusses recent secession movements and shows why disagreement amongst voters causes trouble for those who wish to justify them by appealing to the most popular ‘primary-rights’ theories of legitimate secession.